"I started Iodoral on November 1, 2007. Dr. Jorge Flechas was a guest speaker at our support group and recommended that I follow the Iodoral dose used by breast cancer patients, because I had already under gone Bilateral Mastectomies in 1998.  I had three very bad days of detox due to the high dose of Iodoral (50 mg) but after that each day brought less pain, more sleep, and most of all more hope. I slept for 7 hours straight on the 6th day of Iodoral. My sleep pattern had been 1.5 to 2 hours at a time. This was not restorative rest. Sleep is the biggest healer for me. Muscles recovered, no leg pains, no back pains, brain was clear, and all my symptoms seem to be less intense. I improved rapidly, but I had already been on a special gluten free diet for 3 years and was drinking kefir for my IBS.  Wow!  Iodoral gave me a pain free bladder, control over the Candidia, support for breast cancer and removed my Fibro problems. One by one my pains were falling away.  I was symptom free on 25mg Iodoral, but I chose to return to the higher dose recommended for breast cancer patients because my chest wall developed fibrocystic lumps. At the cancer dose the lumps disappear. My surgeon supported my decision. I endorse the Iodoral protocol for Breast cancer and Fibromyalagia. I have overcome being bedridden and house bound and have become an active, very busy Grandmother. I volunteer with the elderly and work with cancer and hospice patients."
Sue W., age 71, Mesa, AZ

"Since starting iodine, I feel like I have gotten my life back. I feel ashamed to have lived in a stupor like a zombie for so long, just trying to get by each day. Even in the midst of detox symptoms, I have done more in two weeks than I have in the last year! I feel awesome! I LOVE life! I am losing inches, not weight yet but who cares!? I have apologized profusely to my husband for being so sick and lazy and thanked him for loving me so much. He basically took care of me and three kids for the last 3 years as I had been progressively getting worse. Even though I am so happy now, I want to cry for my old self and the years wasted."
Tiffany H.

"My fibromyalgia was finally diagnosed by a neurologist in 2005 when my overall pain and fatigue had reached a crippling point.  There was no place on my that didn't hurt by this time.  Every step was sheer agony and the deep muscle pain radiated from deep inside the muscle.  My fatigue and pain could only be likened to feeling like you had the worst flu without the fever of a flu.  With very little help offered from the doctors, I finally managed enough "good" moments to search for answers myself.  I first found and followed the guaifenesin protocol which slowly made some headway, but when I found your site with the iodoral protocol, that's when progress was really made. I first noticed horrible bromide symptoms like rashes, headaches, etc... but stuck with it as I figured I had a lot of toxins to clear out of my body. Soon I noticed that the swelling and pain from my feet and calves had disappeared along with a blotchy hypothyroid hyperpigmentation the size of a fist that was on my left calf.    I knew that my body was responding in a positive manner but could not and still can not get the doctors to accept what they are seeing with more than a nod. This protocol of cleaning out toxins from the body and rebuilding the body with nutrients made sense even if it just helped the body to function a bit better.  Any little bit of help would be a blessing but this did far more as I continued over the next 2 years to see the pain and finally the fatigue ebb and wash away from my body. Thank you for offering this information."
Janet M. JD, age 52, South Bend Indiana

"My fibromyalgia was diagnosed by a doctor at the Mayo Clinic in 1997.  My symptoms began after a prolonged treatment with Cipro, a fluoride based antibiotic.  I began Dr. St. Amand's guaifenesin protocol in 2000 and continued the treatment for  over 7 years.  Although the guaifenesin protocol was difficult,  and progress was very slow, I did experience a reversal of most of my symptoms.   In 2006, I began taking Iodoral (iodine/iodide) along with the guaifenesin and was able to complete my recovery in a relatively short amount of time.   In 2008, I stopped taking the guaifenesin, and the fibromyalgia symptoms have not returned.   Even my abnormal thirst is gone!   I highly recommend the iodine protocol for treatment of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue."
Brenda F., Age 66, Mesa, AZ

Note:  There are some interesting comparisons between the guaifenesin protocol and the iodine protocol.   Further research may find that guaifenesin combines with highly reactive fluoride and flushes it out of the body.  

If you have had a positive experience with using the Iodine Protocol for Fibromyalgia which you would like to share with others, please send a brief report with your name, age and location to info@fibromyalgiarecovery.com. 

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