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You're feeling sick all over, in a lot of pain, and so tired that you can hardly sit at a computer!   It's a temptation to listen to well-meaning family or friends who say you must have the same disease Aunt Tessie has!   Or, perhaps you read an article in a monthly magazine that describes a disease which sounds a lot like what you are experiencing.  It's a great temptation to diagnose yourself rather than spending the time and money to get a diagnosis from a qualified physician.   Don't make that mistake!   You do not want to spend months---or perhaps even years---treating fibromyalgia (or chronic fatigue) when actually you are suffering from a different disease!

However, once you have a diagnosis, there are very few physicians who actually know how to treat fibromyalgia.   It has been our experience that the typical fibromyalgia patient goes from doctor to doctor, spending thousands of dollars on various treatments, only to end up taking more and more medications and feeling worse as each day passes.   We know!  We have been there---and we know there is a way you can reverse your disease and feel like yourself again.  

Our recommendations are inexpensive and require no prescription medications.  You have nothing to lose but your pain and fatigue.   Click on the link below for an explanation:

Putting the Pieces of the Fibromyalgia Puzzle Together - By Brenda Frandsen

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